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Abosn UHMWPE colourful large diameter impact power rods 


Abosn plastic rod/uhmwpe rod/hdpe rod has widly software. Plastic rod/uhmwpe rod/hdpe rod can

replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze used in textile, paper making, food machinery, transportation, medical machinery, coal machinery, chemical industry and other departments.


Illustrations: Technical spindle, picking stick, gear, coupling, flower stem, buffer block, eccentric block, rod bushing and other wear resistant parts in textile industry. Besides, owing to its wear resistant is better than carbon steel, it canbe shaped various different parts for machinery, including the gear in food machinery, worm gear, worm, bearing etc


 UHMWPE abrasion resistant rod(ultra high molecular weight polyethylene rod)



Product  name UHMWPE rod
Functions Self-lubricating. CZPT  Abrasion&wear resistance (15 times more resistant to abrasion than carbon steel). Corrosion & impact resistant. low temperature resistant. CZPT -water absorption Easy to machine


Size:250mm,500mm,1000mm,etc. * We can also provide any other size as your special need.

Color white,black,pink,blue,inexperienced,yellow,and so on.

Application: Replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze used in textile, paper making, food  equipment, transportation, medical machinery, coal machinery, chemical industry and other  departments.

Examples: Technical spindle, picking stick, gear, coupling, flower stem, buffer block, eccentric  block, rod bushing and other wear resistant parts in textile industry. Besides, owing to its wear  resistant is better than carbon steel, it can be shaped various different parts for machinery, including the gear in food machinery, worm gear, worm, bearing etc.

HDPE rod (high density polyethylene rod) 



Product  name HDPE rod


Light-weight CZPT Corrosion & impact resistant. CZPT  weather resistance Easy to weld but difficult to bond. Easily fabricated



Length:250mm,500mm,1000mm,and many others. * We can also provide any other size as your special need.

Colour  white,black,red,blue,green,yellow,and so forth.
Application Software: Replace carbon steel, stainless steel, bronze used in textile, paper making, food  machinery, transportation, medical machinery, coal machinery, chemical industry and other  departments. Examples: Technical spindle, picking stick, gear, coupling, flower stem, buffer block, eccentric  block, rod bushing and other wear resistant parts in textile industry. Besides, owing to its  wear resistant is better than carbon steel, it can be shaped various different parts for  machinery, including the gear in food machinery, worm gear, worm, bearing etc.

Goods: PE500 PE 1000 UHMWPE plastic foodstuff grade rods and bars 
Shade: any color 
Normal Dimension: tailored size 
Mode of Forming: extrusion
Further approach: Accessible
UHMWPE rod Gain:

Scraper Blades Flights for Drag CZPT of CZPT r Paper CZPT Medical doctor Blade 

Outstanding abrasion resistant index
Great effect power and tensile toughness
Anti-climate and anti-aging
Corrosion resistant
Low coefficient of friction
Wear resistant
UV reistant


UHMWPE other Application:

Scraper Blades Flights for Drag CZPT of CZPT r Paper CZPT Physician Blade 

Wear strip/areas for equipment

Truck Liner/UHMW Liner resolution/

Coal bunker liner/Hopper Liner/PE1000 liner

Fender Experiencing pad

Heavy responsibility street mat

Outrigger pad

Suction box addresses /tops/blade

Dock bumper

Chain information rail

Borated polyethylene sheet

Meals storage and freezing gear
Chopping boards




Popular software for HDPE rod as beneath , it is employed for the protection guardrail ! 


Abosn services / main goods : 


Polyethylene Anti Slip UHMWPE CZPT Outrigger Jack Pad Stabilizer Pad CZPT Mats
Black Sq. CZPT Outrigger Pads HDPE Plastic CZPT Leg Assistance Pad
Substantial Top quality HDPE Plastic CZPT CZPT Outrigger Pads crane mats plastic crane outrigger jack pad
Marine Fender UHMWPE Pad
UHMWPE Tivar 88/one thousand Sheet
Engineering Plastic Components
UHMWPE Sheet/Board/Pad/Plate
PE 1000 Sheet
Natural Virgin UHMWPE Sheet
Radiation Shielding Boron Included UHMWPE Sheet
Anti-static UHMWPE Sheet
Flame Retardant UHMWPE Sheet
Glass Filled/Ceramic Loaded UHMWPE Sheet

  • Industrial
  • Marine
  • Conveyor guard rails
  • Belt scrapers
  • Chain guides
  • Suspension wear plates
  • Rider plates
  • Loafer rollers
  • Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. sneakers
  • Dress in strips
  • Shoes
  • Conveyor augers
  • Conveyor use strips
  • Packaging machining parts
  • Chute, hopper and bin liners
  • Mechanical
  • Sprockets (which includes idler sprockets)
  • Nuclear CZPT Plant
  • belt scrapers,
  • chain guides,
  • bearings,
  • sprockets,
  • rollers and dress in plates
  • Medical center CT Room
  • Scientific Research
  • Chemical Elements
  • Design Task
  • lining chutes and hoppers to safeguard metallic surfaces and to keep sound supplies like sand, wood chips, or coal moving smoothly.

UHMWPE material has extremely low coefficient of friction giving excellent sliding qualities and is 1 of the best plastics for use/abrasion resistance meanwhile tough and influence resistant even at cryogenic temperatures. As a result, it is definite that UHMW polyethylene is a wonderful CZPT plastic that can fix several difficulties that other CZPT plastics can not.



one. Doesn’t dress in effortlessly
Possessing an exceptionally large molecular bodyweight,Virgin UHMW CZPT large molecular weight Drag conveyor – U kind Uhmwpe Drag Flight proves its true well worth not only in regards to sliding with steel faces, but also sand, powder and other fields exactly where regular put on-resistant resources battle.

2. Excellent sliding potential
Virgin UHMW CZPT large molecular excess weight Drag conveyor – U sort Uhmwpe Drag Flight has an incredibly minimal friction coefficient. It is comparable to PTFE, which also slides nicely.
three. Doesn’t crack simply
Virgin UHMW CZPT higher molecular fat Drag conveyor – U kind Uhmwpe Drag Flight has a level of shock resistance just not discovered in other materials. Does not crack simply until afflicted chemically.
four. Non-adhesive
Very CZPT -adhesive. With a non-adhesiveness CZPT only to PTFE, Virgin UHMW CZPT large molecular excess weight Drag conveyor – U type Uhmwpe Drag Flight is optimal as a material for the internal liners of containers this sort of as hoppers, silos and chutes.
five. Non-toxic and protected
A bodily CZPT -toxic materials. CZPT for use with foods items, Virgin UHMW CZPT higher molecular weight Drag conveyor – U variety Uhmwpe Drag Flight can also be utilised in the medical discipline.
six. Difficult to penetrate
Virgin UHMW CZPT higher molecular weight Drag conveyor – U kind Uhmwpe Drag Flight Characteristics excellent chemical resistance.
seven. Doesn’t take up h2o. 
Virgin UHMW CZPT large molecular weight Drag conveyor – U type Uhmwpe Drag Flight has an absorption charge of virtually zero, therefore its strength does not deteriorate thanks to inflammation brought on by water absorption.

– Guaranteed Unbreakable
– Manufactured in the CZPT
– CZPT ing time for every clients’ purchase amount

Abosn primary products as below  :  

Xihu (West CZPT ) Dis. mager in CZPT plastic sheets/rods/CNC machined parts.

Other products are UHMWPE/HDPE sheet/board/plate,

UHMWPE marine fender pad,

UHMWPE guidebook rail,

UHMWPE suction box go over,

UHMWPE jack pad,ground mats,

UHMWPE liner,

UHMWPE artificial ice for ice rink.

HDPE ice rink obstacles/hockey boards


UHMWPE sheets can do CNC machine method


The UHMWPE can do dress in blacks,scraper blades,

port crane roller 



UHMW PE a thousand sheet


HDPE sheet  

UHMWPE marine Fender 


Crane Outrigger pads




Observe MATS ground defense mat ,


UHMW-PE chain guidebook,


CNC machined UHMW-PE put on component,


UHMW-PE liner ,


PP Slicing board,


Paper machinery dewatering components,


UHMW-PE Pulley/roller,

Synthetic ice rink


Hockey taking pictures pads 


Our manufacturing unit covers an region of nearly 48,000 square meters, and has five workshops for manufacturing 5000 tons every 12 months, which includes 3000 tons imported to North CZPT ica, South CZPT ica, CZPT pe, Africa and other countries of Asia. We have been in Abosn  5000x1300mm UHMWPE Sheet UHMW Sheet UHMW-PE Sheet this area for more than 20 a long time and have prosperous knowledge. So you should do not hesistant to speak to me if you have any inquiry and intereste with regards to to UHMW CZPT ethylene sheet. 

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china  near me UHMWPE Colorful Large Diameter Impact Strength Rods manufacturers


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